How To Speed Up Slow Android Devices With Cleaner App?

How To Speed Up Slow Android Devices With Cleaner App?

Quickly Speed Up Slow Android Devices

Android operating system is too awesome, we all agree on this part. Android almost eliminated the need to use laptops and desktops, as smartphones are having all such advanced and modern features. However everything requires a scheduled maintenance to keep it running smoothly. Android devices do have quite a lot of functions to be used as a daily driver.

Most of the times Android users keep on overloading the stuff on Android devices (smartphones, tablets). Overloading your device indicates that you have over loaded the storage capacity of your device and have had installed too many apps that eat up entire Android system resources such as RAM & Storage.  I have been using Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z, both are awesome flagship devices, but since I am a hardcore smartphone geek. I have had to keep a lot of data on my both devices.

Speed Up Slow Android Devices Cleaner App

I remained a bit lazy as I was sticked to some projects and wasn’t able to manually clear the junk files and apps I had installed over the period of time. That was causing a bit of lagging and apps were taking longer than usual to load on my Android smartphones. I had to Speed up Slow Android Devices by spending minimum efforts and time. Then I came across Cleaner App by Liquidum that made my day.

The app not only helped to recover my phone’s usual performance back, rather I started to feel the smoothness while using my Android devices. Cleaner App helped me to speed up slow android devices and I am loving to use it on regular basis.

Speed Up Slow Android Device Review

Features of Cleaner App That Help To Speed Up Slow Android Devices:

1. Most fine tuned and minimalistic UI Cleaner App got me 236 MB of RAM freed up by using the one click function of Cleaner App, that is Memory Boost. This function helps to get back the RAM and clears the memory hogging apps running in the background from the phone’s RAM.

2. I had uninstalled several apps using Smart App Manager via batch uninstall function that saved quite a lot of time. Otherwise manually uninstalling the apps one by one, takes too much time.

3. The app also offers to see the App Permissions thus have strong control on your Privacy. You can track out malicious apps by watching their permissions such as Call, Location, Camera & Contacts.

4.  Theme Customization allows to set different elegant themes and there are Beautiful Widgets that could be used on your Android’s home screen and instantly speed up android by clearing junk apps & files from ram and device storage.

5. Hidden thumbnails and cache data can also be cleared to Free up the Storage Space from internal and external sd card storage on your Android device.

6. The last most important feature of cleaner app is its Scheduled Maintenance. For instance I can specify the time when cleaner app should be clearing the RAM & Storage automatically without requiring any manual effort.

Its a highly recommended application for every Android device user who need to speed up their slow and sluggish Android devices and want to make them smooth as butter once again. Try out installing the app from above link and please make sure to share your experience in the comments section below.

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