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Game Review: GT Racing 2, The Exciting World of Professional Car Racing on Android

What a racing game should give its players for ultimate joy-ride? Sense of speed, fancy cars, thrilling tracks and exotic locations. Put them all together with a serious race focused game and you have got yourself a winning game – GT Racing 2.
GT Racing 2 Android APK
GT Racing 2 is a beautiful game, a real treat for the folks who are really into serious virtual racing. I loved how cars are handled, very solid gameplay indeed. I did love game, I loved the cars, loved locations but there are things I did not love that much. I wish I could compare GT Racing 2 to Real Racing 3 but my tablet didn’t handle Real Racing 3.
Let’s start with the good stuff shall we!
GT Racing 2 Android
Important thing you need to know that GT Racing 2 is a serious race game. You will not be driving like a crazy awesome dude on the busy streets. You will not going to slam into incoming traffic. There will be no cop-cars to chase you for breaking speed limits. You will not be breaking any law of physics either. (Which is exactly why I did not play it for long, I am more of a crazy dude on streets, for the virtual driving that is.)
GT Racing 2 Android
You will be driving like a genius professional race driver on properly prepared race tracks and you will be playing to win. You will be taken to specially prepared, empty in-city locations and you will still not be facing the regular traffic or any other form of life other than the professional racers you will be competing against. I have got to tell you the locations and the tracks are worth your time once you make enough points and get out of start-up levels.
GT Racing 2 Android
I am aware that during a high speed race, location and surrounding is the last thing a driver could think of, but for some reason I always look around at the scenery a race game offer. I don’t know about you folks but it is an added pleasure to my game experience and I tend to take full advantage of it, and the locations in GT Racing 2 are a welcoming treat.
GT Racing 2 AndroidGT Racing 2 Android
GT Racing 2 AndroidGT Racing 2 Android
Did I mention GT Racing 2 is a Free Game? See for yourself how it is. Which bring us to talk about some not so smooth side of this game.
Lets talk about the bad
GT Racing 2 Android
Game play offers you 4 options to control your race car. Unfortunately I did not find one suitable for me. Placement of break was an issue and I needed my breaks in my quick reach. It is personal preference anyway and it could be a ‘game changer’ for me. There was an auto break assistant, which you can turn on and off and was a good help.
Game is free, which is awesome on its own, but game developers have bills to pay too and families to feed so they make sure you will pay for keep playing the game through in-app shopping. You can unlock the cars playing number of tracks but, BUT the cars are really expensive. You need a lifetime to unlock the real joy of game, really. And that was a disappointing side of the game play for me. I love race games but to pay the developers I have to earn too which means I have to play the game a lot less than I would like to. Developers should allow first few cars in gamers’ easy reach, give us some cookies to keep us rolling.
The tracks are not very long, the winning is not the hardest job there, the laps are manageable. There are number of ways to earn extra points such as perfect corners, overtaking your opponents and so forth. But all that are not enough and you have to pay for extra points because it gets boring to drive same car on the same tracks for days. And being a free game, a non-serious dude will just uninstall the game, or worst!

Check out the demo I played. Don’t mind my extraordinary driving skills, I am not very much used to of proper tracks, and you will notice all of my ^perfect turns^ are perfectly accidental. Time to burn some wheels!

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