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Best 5 HD 3D Android Bike Racing Games Free Download

Games are much of an interest than hobby for many people. Everyone loves to play games from children to people aged above 50. Games got attention from almost everyone. And when it comes to racing, people usually go crazy about them. Racing has been one of my personal game interests and I just love to play it. Racing games doesn’t just provide entertainment to you but it also keeps your mind relaxed and healthy.

Talking about Android specifically, there is a great competition regarding bike racing games and bunch of new games are hitting the play store every month. It becomes very difficult in this situation to decide which game to download and try. So for your convenience, I am going to list top 5 best HD bike racing games for android that are must to try.

3D HD Bike Racing HD Games Android APK Free Download


In my list for HD bike racing games, bike race free got the number 1 spot. Despite from lots of competition, this game has retained its position because of its extremely cool and engaging graphics. The game allows you to add millions of multiplayers so you can compete with them in real time. The game provides you with a variety of worlds and tracks to race on. Besides these features, it is completely free. So anyone can enjoy playing this game on their android devices.


On the number 2 spot of HD bike racing games is the world famous “Death Moto”. Besides racing, you can get helmets to unlock other super cool vehicles for yourself. The more closely you knock down other riders, the more helmets you can get and greater are your chances to unlock a vehicle. The game is full of HD graphics. The game is so famous that the company has decided to bring “Death Moto 2” for its users. It has got great user ratings and a must try game.

Death Moto
Death Moto
Price: Free+


Racing moto, another must try game. Racing moto gives you a real time racing experience with its HD graphics. Every racing game lover, like me, would love to play it. You can increase the speed by tapping the screen and can control the movement by just tilting. It is easy to understand and cool to play.

Racing Moto
Racing Moto
Developer: Droidhen Casual
Price: Free


If you love to play 3D games then this game can be your ultimate love. The game provides easy swipe controlling moto with outstanding graphics that can attract every eye. The game is equipped with modern technologies that one should try this.

Developer: OoO studio
Price: Free


Drag racing was first made for only car racing but on extensive demands, the company has launched bike edition of this popular game. It provides users with 17 cool sport bikes to choose from with 4 online modes. The game provides global leaderboards so that you can get to know about your rank among the racers worldwide.

Drag Racing: Bike Edition
Drag Racing: Bike Edition
Developer: CM Legacy
Price: Free+

This is my list of top 5 best HD bike racing games for Android one must try. If you are also a game lover and have tried bike racing games that you think is a must try then don’t forget to comment with its name and share it with us.


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