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Nokia 3310 Returns in 2017 as a Feature Phone – Specs & Features

Apart from launching new Nokia smartphones powered by Android, Nokia is also going to re-launch some of its radical phones, previously launched. I am talking about Nokia 3310, that is no doubt, meme in itself. Nokia 3310 was one of the best and the most durable phone ever produced, in year 2000 and due to the reasons; it is now counted as one of the most sold mobile phone since it was first introduced in September, 2000.

That was the time before any other smartphone could hit the market and offered some amazing features like the Snake game. With its so much demand at that time, now Nokia 3310 is making nostalgic return with some more vibrant and extra-ordinary features.

Here’s what Nokia is going to change in its groundbreaking re-launch of Nokia 3310:

Nokia 3310 Returns in 2017

Nokia 3310 is back like a Boss with Snake Game

Just like its predecessor, the phone would still be called Nokia 3310, but would offer some high-end features including:

Nokia 3310 New Edition Specifications and Features

  1. 30+ Nokia’s series software
  2. 4 inches QVGA display
  3. 2MP camera
  4. A microSD slot
  5. Moreover, the phone would give the users with the internet access, as it comes with the Opera- Mini pre-installed and offers connections via 2G and 2.5G
  6. Dual sim feature is also included
  7. Not to our dismay, its popular modern Snake game is also included
  8. But, unlike its previous Nokia 3310 phone, this one got a little smaller battery timing with 22 hours of talk time promised
  9. The phone is smaller, thinner and lighter with all round edges and is going to be available in more vibrant colors.

Price of Nokia 3310 in 2017

These all specs and features are still basic, fairly, as compared to our original phone standards now-a-days, but that’s what makes Nokia 3310 a basic feature phone with lots of improvements. Nokia 3310 will be made available for only 52 Euros or $55.


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