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List & Features of Upcoming Nokia Android Phones in 2017

Nokia is back in the market by connecting people – Once Again! Few years back, Nokia was a brand, that represented the whole mobile industry, but with the shift in the customers’ preferences and taste, Android began to reach the heights, that became the reason why Nokia lost its charm.

But this year, the King of the Mobile Industry, Nokia, is back in the market and as rumored, it is about to announce the few best smartphones following this year. So, in this article, I am going to cover the list of the 5 upcoming Android Smartphones from Nokia that are going to be groundbreaking.Nokia Android Phones List 2017

List of 5 Upcoming Android Smartphones from Nokia in 2017

Regardless to mention, famous for rigid body and long battery life, Nokia is one of the greatest documented brands in the past period. The company is now going to introduce some amazing models in 2017. Here’s a list:

1: Nokia 6

With the unexpected name, Nokia 6, the first android smartphone by the Nokia partnered with HMD Global has been launched in China a few days back. The rumors about the Nokia 6 phone being out class, didn’t went wrong as this phone became the top sold phone in China on its first day of release. The phone offers rich specs and features including:

  1. 5.5 inch display with curved edges.
  2. Powered by Octa-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 64-bit processor
  3. 4GB RAM
  4. Adreno 505 GPU for excellent gaming experience
  5. The phone also offers 64GB built in memory with expandable memory up to 128GB.
  6. 16MP rear camera with dual-tone LED flash along with 8MP front camera.
  7. Its 3000mAh battery is also a plus.

2: Nokia 8

Nokia 8 is an upcoming flagship from Nokia that is going to hit the tech market soon. With the powerful specs like Nokia 6, Nokia 8 is also rumored to be one of the most powerful android phones in the market place. The phone is rumored to offer:

  1. 5.7 inches display
  2. 24 MP rear camera with 12 MP front camera
  3. 6GB RAM
  4. 2.45 GHz Octa- Center Snapdragon 835  Processor
  5. 3300mAh battery

3: Nokia P1

Nokia P1 is another upcoming smartphone, which Nokia has boasted of. The new leaked smartphone is rumored to offer some amazingly insane features including:

  1. 5.3 inches display with Gorilla Glass.
  2. Snapdragon 835 SoC
  3. 6GB RAM
  4. 22.6 MP rear with unknown front camera
  5. It is also rumored that P1 would be IP57 certified for water and dust resistance
  6. And is fueled with 3500mAh battery

4: Nokia D1C

Another expected android smartphone device from Nokia in 2017 is D1C. The device is rumored to come in 2 variants, a tablet and a smartphone. However, it’s still a rumor, and we have to wait until the official announcement is made by the company. The key specs of the device as rumored are:

  1. 16GB internal storage
  2. 4G support
  3. 5 inch HD display
  4. 13/ 16 MP rear camera

5: Nokia C9

Nokia C9 is going to be another expected device by Nokia this year with some high end specs and features. According to some rumors and gossips running around, the phone would offer:

  1. 64 bit quad-core processor with latest Snapdragon 820
  2. 21-megapixel back camera along with 8 MP front camera
  3. It is also rumored that the phone would be packed with 32GB / 64GB / 128GB of internal storage options
  4. Other features are not known till now.

So, these are some of the expected phones from Nokia that are going to hit the market following this year. I am not confirmed about the accurate details about these phones, as no rumor is backed up with official announcement. However, if these rumors are true, Nokia is going to regain its charm again.

If you have any question or info regarding the topic, you can contact us below in the comments section 🙂


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