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Every Thing You Need To Know About The Upcoming Motorola One Zoom Android Smartphone

Most of the information about the upcoming Motorola One Zoom recently got leaked on the Twitter page of Roland Quandt. The smartphone shown in the images seems like a great mid-range comeback from the company Motorola, and this device will be launched soon named as Motorola One Zoom. Don’t get tricked with the word Pro, since every new flagship Android Smartphone from bigger brands use this word, so people can know that it’s a premium device. Motorola is launching this device to compete in the mid-range sector with Xiaomi and Honor.

Everything You Need To Know About The Upcoming Motorola One Zoom Android Smartphone

Every Thing You Need To Know About The Upcoming Motorola One Zoom Android Smartphone

Which is a smart move by the way especially when a company is making a comeback in a business, where a lot competitors already racing with each other to dominate the market.

First Look

It is really hard to have any idea from just a few images but sources claims that the company logo on back the lights up. No one knows that whether it show light constantly or just when it receives a notification. If we talks about the looks we can see in the leaked pictures that it comes with two colors, a classy looking purple and a traditional black. But maybe when the company will release it officially then they introduce more colors.

Features and Hardware

Every Thing You Need To Know About The Upcoming Motorola One Zoom Android Smartphone

Since Motorola didn’t released One Zoom Android smart phone yet so we can only guess what would be the specs of the device. But leaked pictures are clearly showing the quad camera setup on its back. According to the Quandt’s Twitter Account the setup contains primary sensor of 48MP shooter. The two of the other sensors are related to (OIS) which stands for optical image stabilization. On the front it has a water drop notch for camera.


About the internal specs Quandt says that buyers can expect 4GB of Ram, internal storage of 128GB and a QUALCOMM Snap Dragon 675. The source didn’t mentioned any details about the battery capacity but they have certainly claimed that there will be a micro SD card slot included in the upcoming Motorola One Zoom. The finger print sensor is not visible on the back in the leaked pictures, which could be found in the display instead.

Price Tag

Finally the price, again according to the Quandt the price would be almost 399 euros ($445). The price doesn’t sounds too bad considering the fact that you will get one of the latest smartphone with Quad camera setup. Which does seems a great deal, if you compare it with the prices of other smartphones of different brands that offers this kind of camera setup. Motorola One Zoom would be a great addition in the market.

There is no guaranty that upcoming Motorola One Zoom smartphone will have the latest OS. It may or may not will come with the Android One operating system, even though the device name contains the word One. There is a possibility that it can come with standard Android along with the amazon integration. If that’s happen then the device could possibly be an Amazon exclusive in the beginning, if not permanently. However we all can only speculate till Motorola officially introduce the One Zoom Android Smartphone. Only then we will know, that what specs the device is really offering.


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