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The Design of Xiaomi First Foldable Smartphone (Renders) Could Be This

At EUIPO a new patent was scene in trending, which possibly is showing the first Foldable smartphone of Xiaomi. Based on this patent and some other sketches provided by the Company itself, Letsgodigital has done some proper rendering of the device. The pictures which they have provided are showing a futuristic looking foldable phone with revolutionary design. As compared to the patent and sketches these images are giving us far better look at the Xiaomi upcoming device.

The Design of Xiaomi First Foldable Smartphone Could Be This

The Design of Xiaomi First Foldable Smartphone Could Be This

Xiaomi possibly could be preparing to enter in the race of developing foldable phones against other Brands with this strong contender.

First Look

The Design of Xiaomi First Foldable Smartphone Could Be This

By watching these rendered pictures the device seem quite similar to that smartphone which Xiaomi has shown some months ago. The Company has shown there under development foldable prototype smartphone design many time. By comparing both, we can pretty much get the idea of what to expect. Just like the company has patented. It folds in the backwards direction, when in the fold position its display from both sides moved to the back. Which makes It Double Fold Smartphone.

Unfold to Take Pictures

Because this Xiaomi Upcoming Smartphone folds toward inside, it blocks the rear camera view. Which simply means that you can only use rear camera in unfolded position. Which is kind of a bummer for the people who use the rear camera to take pictures frequently. But on the other hand good thing is that you can use the full one giant Display in unfold position to capture images, with three camera setup on the back.

Other Expected Features

In these rendered images we can’t see the front camera notch on the screen, neither there is a possibility for the pop up camera because of the double folding design. Which means that Xiaomi can launch this phone with front Cam under the display, the technology they have been developing and testing. We cannot say anything specifically though, Since Xiaomi hasn’t officially unveiled this Smartphone.

Launch Date & Price Range

It seems like Xiaomi haven’t decided yet launch date of this smartphone and it has a strong reason for that. Recently Huawei and Samsung both have delayed launches of their foldable smartphones. But according to the sources both companies will unveil their devices in almost one or two moths time period. Looks like Xiaomi wanted to wait till these Brands introduce their smartphones. To see what kind of features they are offering in which price range. And then Xiaomi will introduce this smartphone may be with some upgrades.

This phone will support a type C USB port which is placed on the bottom, but it looks like 3.5 mm head phone jack will not be included. Now if you are interested to know what will be the price of this smartphone, the company has not given any knowledge about that yet. But one thing is certain Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone will going to be affordable then Huawei and Samsung both. Which is indeed a good thing because users will get options according to their budget. Although don’t even think of this upcoming Smartphone to be extremely cheap.


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