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Huawei Mate X Features, Specs, Price & Release Date

Last Week Huawei has confirmed a news about its foldable Android Smartphone Mate X that, it has been delayed again and might not arrive in September. This decision has been made by the Company to ensure that the device is reliable and polished. But there might be another reason for that, may be Huawei want to upgrade the internals of Mate X foldable smartphone so it can compete well against other brands. Which is understandable since the competition of foldable smartphones will going to be tough in near future.

Huawei Mate X Features, Specs, Price & Release Date

Huawei Mate X Features, Specs, Price & Release Date

The reason for that is, now Samsung is not the only rival of Huawei in this segment, recent news has confirmed that soon Xiaomi will also going to launch its first foldable Android Smartphone with some really handsome specs.

Expected Specs Upgrade

According to the Neowin who have reviewed the Mate X foldable Android Smartphone in Shenzhen, China. The Huawei Mate X is now equipped with the HI Silicon powerful Kirin 990 chipset, despite the fact that this Processor haven’t been announced yet. It is possible that Huawei announce this Kirin 990 processor at IFA 2019 and integrate it in to the Mate 30 series smartphones. Kirin 990 can possibly offer Cortex-A77 CPU cores with Mali-G77 GPU.

Upgraded Features

Again Neowin has added further that Huawei Mate X now has an RYYB Primary camera sensor just like Huawei P30 series. As compared to traditional RGB Camera sensors the RYYB camera enables far better image quality in low light environments. If this is true that Huawei Mate X will be equipped with P30 Pro’s 5x periscope camera, then there is no word that Huawei Mate X will going to be the foldable Android smartphone with better camera capabilities then all of its rival’s including Samsung.


When Huawei revealed the Mate X back in February 2019 for the first time at MWC, the expected price was around $2600. But now since Huawei is upgrading this foldable Android smartphone with some extreme hardware, price will increase further. Though Company didn’t has given any idea about the price tag yet. Because of the fact that Mate X falls in flagship smartphones category, obviously the price will not going to be cheaper any ways.

Release Date

Now when you will be able to get your hands on Huawei’s foldable smartphone Mate X? Well it seems like you have to wait a little longer than expected. Sources have claimed that it will be considered unlikely if the Mate X arrive before November of this year. On the other hand Huawei has stated that Mate X will be launched between the months of September and November of 2019.

The Huawei Mate X is a foldable 5G capable Android device, which become 6.6-inch smartphone when folded and an 8-inch tablet in its unfolded position. It was basically the result of a race between Huawei and Samsung for developing the foldable smartphone first. In which specs, hardware and performance wise it seems like Huawei has an Edge. But now when other big brands like Xiaomi are also getting into this race, time will tell that which Company’s devise has the capabilities to dominate the market.


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