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Huawei is Ready to Build Russia’s 5G Infrastructure After Launch of 5G in UAE

Huawei the Chinese telecommunication giant has recently made a big announcement during the Chinese president Mr. Xi Jinping’s three days visit to Russia. According to BBC Huawei has recently done an agreement with Russia to build the country’s first 5G network. With that Huawei will later on become the world’s largest mobile operator.

Huawei is Ready to Build Russia’s 5G Infrastructure After Launch of 5G in UAE

Huawei is Ready to Build Russia's 5G Infrastructure After Launch of 5G in UAE

Huawei will build out the network over the next year for MTS. These were the words of Huawei deputy chairman Mr. Guo Ping, when he got asked about this matter by a generalist. The annual report for 2017 conforms that the carrier has 31 percent of the market and 78 million subscribers in Russia.

Russia’s President Mr. Putin Statement

Russia’s Current president Mr. Putin has given the statement about the corporation between China and Russia that it has “reached a very high — and without any exaggeration — an unprecedentedly high level.” However neither Chinese nor Russian leaders has disclosed yet anything regarding to the deal with Huawei.

Huawei’s Currant Situation and the Big Announcement

It seems like it is not a very suitable time for Huawei for this big announcement. Because as you all know Huawei is probably in the most troubled time since U.S Government has added Huawei’s name to the U.S Department of entity list in May 2019. Huawei is facing suspensions and cutting of business ties from numerous corporations and some of its partners. Specially Google, who terminated android support for Huawei on U.S Government official orders.

Russia is Standing with China

The relations between Russia and U.S is as troublesome as China and U.S relations. That is why Russia’s announcement of this news is bringing interesting twist to the already really complicated situation. Russian and U.S not very good relationships could be another reason that Russia and China is boosting up their ties and elevating their mutually beneficial partnership especially in the field of technology.

How Will U.S Government Respond To This Situation?

This situation should alarm United States. Because Russia and China are the two countries which together cannot only offset U.S Government’s pressure but can also became worst nightmare for U.S.A. Nobody can predict that what is going to happen next. But one thing is certain that this deal could be a game changer for Huawei. This partnership of Russia and China will put its impact on telecommunication market globally.

Huawei is Still a Strong Player in Telecommunication Market Globally

Some sources are also claiming that U.S is messing with the Wrong Company. According to them Huawei will not only recover from U.S sanctions but also they will make sure to put U.S far behind in the field of technology. Like they have already once done. Huawei have the resources and abilities that they can build hardware like Gpu’s and rams of their own form scratch. They are already using their own build processors in their latest flagship smartphones and in other devices.

Which means Snapdragon’s cutting off their business ties with Huawei will not going to affect the company that badly. They can build their own hardware for their products. Despite the U.S ban, Huawei is still a very strong player in the telecommunication market and it seems like they are going all out against U.S. They are using their each and every resource to stay in the game. And when a strong country like Russia is coming to rescue them we don’t see them going down like U.S have predicted and expected by putting the ban on Huawei.


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