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OnePlus is Launching A New 5G Enabled Smartphone in 2022

According to The Financial Times the CEO of OnePlus Pete Lau has revealed that this year OnePlus is going to launch a new 5G enabled smartphone. Further he stated that this new smartphone will be available globally. This is kind of a good news from the company because there current 5G smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro is still only available in United Kingdom, since it is a UK exclusive device.

OnePlus is Launching A New 5G Enabled Smartphone This Year in 2022

OnePlus is Launching A New 5G Enabled Smartphone This Year

The OnePlus 7 Pro is by the way the first ever 5G smartphone of the Brand. The Upcoming 5G smartphone will have more advance features and hardware.

The Competition is On

All the rumors came true about the 5G smartphone by OnePlus when the company launched OnePlus 7 Pro earlier this year. But the announcement of another 5G capable device indicates that the company is really bringing up the competition to compete with rival brands. Which in a way is indeed a good thing because due to the big companies competing with each other, everyone will get the opportunity to enjoy 5G technology by choosing the device which fits their budget best.

When to Expect the Launch

The new upcoming 5G smartphone from OnePlus is expected to be launched before the end of this year. Presumably the device will be named as OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro or 7 Pro T. It could be an updated version of the previous OnePlus 7 Pro or may be a completely different device with new features and functions. Some sources are claiming that this upcoming device can change the brand’s history completely. Which reveals the reason due to Company wanted to launch this Smart phone Globally.

The Introduction of Pro Variant

If we talk according to the facts then it’s a reality that launch of the pro variant and its 5G counterpart as well in the UK, has kind of throws usual plans of OnePlus into a twirl. Which directs our focus on a possibility that this year may be the T upgrade won’t come at all. Instead Company can introduce a brand new series of a 5G enabled smartphone. But all of these are just a theories, estimates and speculations of different sources and people.  Only the time would tell what is going to happen next.

OnePlus 5G Technology

OnePlus has another project getting ready in their pipeline, which is the 5G capable Android TV. And the company is also going to reveal it soon. About this the company’s CEO Pete Lau has confirmed as well, that the OnePlus upcoming Smart televisions could have support for 5G technology. Which ultimately will make them more akin to large smart displays as compared to the normal televisions. However he didn’t provide any answer to the question that what advantages the 5G Technology will going to present with in a TV.

There is no doubt that 5G is the technology of feature. That is why every other smartphone brand wanted to introduce devices which can coup up with this technology. So they can dominate the market before other rival brands. OnePlus move of introducing 5G enabled smartphones one after the other can be considered as smart and slightly risky at the same time. But it was also necessary for the company if they wanted to maintain their place and grow their business in the smartphone market along with other rival brands.


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