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Patent Shows Google SmartWatch Has Camera Under Display

There was big hype last year, about the Google Pixel Watch to be launch besides Google Pixel 3. But unfortunately the Google Pixel Watch didn’t arrived last year at all. Still there are no reliable sources to guarantee that it will be launched this year, either. But the delay in Google Pixel Watch doesn’t mean that the company is not working on it. Google has this project in the pipeline. Nobody knows the specific date but In the near future Google is going to launch its Smart Watch for sure, and we have strong reasons to claim that.

Patent Shows Google SmartWatch Has Camera Under Display

Patent Shows Google SmartWatch Has Camera Under Display

Let’s Go Digital has uncovered a new set of SmartWatch patents, which claims to be of Google Pixel Watch. This Patent certainly proofs the rumors about Google Developing Smart Watch with under display camera were true.

Camera Under The Display

Patent Shows Google SmartWatch Has Camera Under Display

By examining this Patent there is a huge possibility that Google could put a camera within a cutout on the display or surprisingly underneath the display. May be a similar camera setup which we have already scene in Samsung Galaxy Note 10. The title on the patent itself has a clear text “Camera Watch”, which makes it pretty clear that Google always had this idea in mind for its Google Pixel Watch design.

The Patent

The Patent added above is form 2017, back then it was like a dream to have a camera underneath the display. Because of that, for some people it seems very unlikely that Google had this idea in consideration at that time and the camera showing in the patent could be a cutout. Which means while using the hypothetical Google Smart Watch, the lens would be visible all the time. If this report is true then it will be a big bummer for the people, who are expecting the camera to be underneath the display.

Arrival of a New Technology?

Camera within the face of a Smart Watch whether it belongs to Google or any other brand, is pretty common these days. But if Google is introducing Google Pixel Watch with the camera integrated under the display then it will be an invention of a new technology, which we haven’t seen so far. Imagine that it will enable you to conduct a video call on your watch, which can make Google a trend setter.

When Will Google Launch it?

As we have mentioned above that yet Google has not given any statement about the Pixel Watch on any format, though they haven’t denied this patent which is circling the social media, tech websites and other forums either. Which clearly shows that this Smart Watch is coming. Google can surprise us at any time in future by revealing Pixel Watch, it is another thing that how much people will be interested in buying it.

In today’s world any new technology seems really awesome for the time being, after that when it became common people just start expecting another change. Having said that there is no doubt that any Smart Watch with camera under the screen will going to be a smash hit. Taking a selfie and recording a video for your social media through a Smart Watch will be a very cool thing. But some people also have a question, that de we really need a camera in the Smart Watch? Especially in a time now when smart phones can capture high quality images.


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