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How To Root Samsung Galaxy S5 In Top 3 Ways?

Android devices are much of love where you can download lots of apps, play games, listen to music, etc. But you can do much more with your android device besides just playing games or running different apps. The developers have launched lots of amazing features for android users to give them a super-user experience. One of that is rooting.

With rooting you can break any restrictions that android device developers have put on you by default, install unauthorized apps, overclock your processor to increase the speed, installing custom ROMs, etc. But besides these numerous benefits, there are potential risks as well. By rooting, you can void warranty of your android device or even brick it. Obviously, the benefits of rooting cannot be overshadowed.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S5 - All Variants - Step by Step Easy Tutorial Guide

Because of great demand, I have finally decided to write about the root process for Samsung Galaxy S5 users. Please notice that every android device has separate root procedures so it is strictly advised that not to follow this for other android devices however some steps could be the same.

Let’s first tell you about what rooting is and you are going to need to proceed if you are a beginner.


Rooting is kind of jailbreak for android devices and provides you with privileged controls to handle your android device. Generally it allows you to have complete access to your operating system so you can perform any task even those that are originally restricted by the manufacturers.

I hope that you have understood about rooting. Let’s discuss top 3 ways of rooting Samsung Galaxy S5.


  1. CWM Root Method
  2. TowelRoot
  3. Kingo Root


The root method I am going to discuss just now is workable for KitKat 4.4.2, 4.4.3, 4.4.4 versions and Lollipop 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 Android versions. Make sure you have one of these otherwise do not follow or you can end up having a bricked device. 

The following root method works for following variants of Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • SM-G900T T-Mobile Galaxy S5
  • SM-G900P Sprint Galaxy S5
  • SM-G900R4 US Cellular Galaxy S5
  • SM-G900T1 Metro PCS Galaxy S5
  • SM-G900W8 Canadian Galaxy S5
  • SM-G900F International/European/Asian Galaxy S5
  • SM-G900M Middle East/South America Galaxy S5
  • SM-G900H International Exynos Galaxy S5


1: Switch off you Samsung Galaxy S5. Hold down the home button, power button and volume down buttons together for few seconds. You should see a warning screen in 3-5 seconds asking you to press volume up or down keys to continue the process.

2: Give your consent by pressing volume up key and a “Downloading…” screen will appear.

3: After that, connect a USB cable to your Samsung Galaxy S5 and attach it to the computer.

4: For rooting you would need 3 files ODIN, SuperSU and Philz Touch CWM recovery. Download them. SuperSU is a root management app that will allow you to approve or deny apps from running.

5: After the files are downloaded, unzip the ODIN file and leave the other ones as it is.

6: You should see the EXE file in the unzipped folder. Run it and see if the yellow box with COM umber is visible to you. If yes, then it is good to go. If in case you are not seeing yellow box you need to install Samsung USB drivers for that. Download the drivers and repeat the steps again.

7: After that, select PDA button and search the Philz file you have downloaded.

8: Click on “Start” button and Philz Touch CWM recovery started to be flashed to your device.

9: After a little while, A “PASS!” message will be displayed on your screen showing that CWM recovery has been successfully installed and you Galaxy S5 should be rebooting now.

10: Once your device is rebooted, copy the SuperSU file into the Galaxy S5’s internal storage.

11: Switch off the S5 again and then hold volume up key, power button and home button together for few seconds. You should see a “Recovery Booting” message within 3-5 seconds.

12: You are now in CWM recovery. Choose to install zip on your Galaxy.

13: Select zip from SD card option.

14: Select the SuperSU file that you have copied on your device to root your Galaxy S5.

15: After it is done, reboot your device.

16: You should be seeing SuperSU app on your S5 after rebooting. Run the app.

17: SuperSU is expected to ask you to disable KNOX or not. KNOX is Samsung Security and is really much annoying because of its unnecessary pop ups. Shut it down by hitting OK.

18: After shutting idiotic KNOX, your Galaxy S5 is totally free to work and rooted.

You can overclock your processor to give your device a super speed, install rooted apps, and customize new themes and lots more. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 is all the more exciting and fun. You can get to know about the other two methods through this link (towel root) and this link (kingo root) respectively.

Disclaimer: Follow this guide at your own risk, author and the site will not be held responsible, in case you have not followed the steps properly and damaged / bricked up your device.


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