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Top 10 Music Player Apps For Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei Phones

Top 10 Music Player Apps For Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei Phones
Top 10 Music Player Apps for Android
Now & then almost everyone loves to enjoy high quality music experience on their Android gadgets. Keeping in view “the high quality sound & music experience” on Android smartphones & tablets, Android Fan Club has crafted an article for our valued readers that will help them to pick the best music player from the list of top 10 highly rated music apps.

Top 10 Music Player Apps For Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei Phones

Music Player apps aren’t just about listening the music, rather its a whole new world of customization according to the taste of users. Many apps offer specialized set of features, for instance music player albums, mp3 tag editing, automatically download lyrics & cover photos from the internet, music player widget support, 10 band music equalizer, music controls on the lock screen, eye candy visualization effects, gesture based controls and many more features.

What’s are the special features of Best Music Players for Android?

  1. Music Albums / Genres Selection
  2. Fast Music Library Scanning
  3. Support wide variety of audio / music formats
  4. All Playlists support
  5. MP3 Tag Editing
  6. Download Lyrics & Album Covers automatically
  7. Support Music Sync
  8. Music Player Widgets
  9. 10 Band Music Equalizer
  10. High quality audio streaming
  11. Eye Candy Visualization Effects
  12. Music Controls on Lock Screen
  13. Gesture Based Controls
  14. Sensor Based Controls (Shake to change track)
  15. Customizable Music Player Skins
  16. Dolby, SRS & Beats Audio Effects for Supported Devices
  17. Folder Music Playback

1. PlayerPro Music Player – (Free Trial)

PlayerPro Music Player for Android

2. Winamp Pro Music Player – (Free version)

Winamp Pro Music Player for Android

3. Poweramp Music Player – (Buy full version)

Poweramp Music Player Full for Android

4. jetAudio Music Player Plus – (Free version)

jetAudio Music Player Plus for Android

5. Google Play Music

Google Play Music for Android

6. Sensor Music Player

Sensor Music Player for Android

7. doubleTwist Music Player

doubleTwist Music Player for Android

8. Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music Player for Android

9. Folder Music Player

Folder Music Player for Android

10. TuneWiki Lyrics for Music

TuneWiki Lyrics for Music for Android
This list of best music players for Android include both freeware and paid apps that must be purchased from Google’s Play Store. Purchasing an app from Google Play Store, also keeps you safe from viruses and malware. We already had discussed, how to protect Android from viruses in our previous post to protect our valued users from any suspected threats for their Android devices. You must also have a look at Best HD video players for Android. We would love to receive your feedback in the comments section below, also make sure to mention, which Music Player App do you use most frequently and why?


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