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Huawei Unveiled HarmonyOS, an Android Alternative for Smartphones & Smart Devices

On Friday Chinese networking Giant Huawei officially launched their first operating system The HarmonyOS. It is a microkernel based distributed operating system which has been developed to power Laptops, Smartphones, smart watches and other smart home devices. This is the Huawei’s attempt to reduce its reliance on American firms. Before the launch of this Operating system, there were a lot of rumors, circling the internet. Which really helped the company to gain attraction of public for the launch.

Huawei Unveiled HarmonyOS, an Android Alternative for Smartphones & Smart Devices

Huawei Unveiled HarmonyOS, an Android Alternative for Smartphones & Smart Devices

According to Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei

“later this year HarmonyOS will be available to be deployed in smart screen Products such as in Smart watches, infotainment systems of the vehicles and TV sets”.

When Will it Come to Smartphones?

If you are interested to get a HarmonyOS running Smartphone, then you may have to wait a little. Because Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu further mentioned that

“Huawei the second largest Smartphone brand of the world, will bring HarmonyOS to more devices including Smartphones in the time period of next three years.”

It will be very interesting for us to see HarmonyOS vs Android battle for the win.

More Powerful & Secure then Android?

Richard Yu also mentioned that Hauwei’s HarmonyOS is more secure and powerful then Google’s Android. He stated that in comparison HarmonyOS IPC performance is five times that of Google’s Fuchsia. Huawei also have claimed that HarmonyOS microkernel has one thousand the amount of code as compared to Linux Kernel. If these figures are true then HarmonyOS will give very tough competition to Android.

Structure of HarmonyOS

HarmonyOS is a modularized operating system which can create a seamless cross device experience by making any device in which it runs to adapt flexibility. HarmonyOS builds the foundation of shared developer’s ecosystem because it is being developed via distributed capabilities kit. Huawei officially said in a statement that it will continue for now to use Android but HarmonyOS is the future of Huawei.

Huawei Has HarmonyOS as Backup

Everybody knows the full story of how and why Huawei got banned in the US. Although the Bann is partially lifted now from Huawei that makes it possible for the Company to work with American firms again. But sources have claimed that Huawei has developed HarmonyOS specifically for the scenario if they ended in the same situation as before again. It seems like Huawei wanted to shift from Android to Huawei completely, as quickly as Possible.

For now the availability of the HarmonyOS is only limited with in china. But Company has plans to bring this open source operating system in international market. According to Huawei the HarmonyOS uses formal verification methods for security. To validate system correctness from the source, Formal verification methods are considered to be an affective mathematical approach. Many People have already started comparing HarmonyOS with IOS and Android. Which is kind of untimely.

Because real comparison will be only possible when HarmonyOS will come in Smartphones. But By looking at Huawei’s determination to bring HarmonyOS as a rival of Android, One thing is certain. That Google should be worried.


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