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LG V60 The Upcoming Dual Screen Android Smartphone

Over the years LG’s V series has gone through a lot of changes. LG now wanted to develop phones which can attract photography enthusiasts and power users. The fresh examples of this strategy are LG’s V10 and V20. These smartphones offer features like powerful camera, removable batteries and high quality headphone jacks. LG is aiming for a more mainstream market with V30 and V40 premium glass metal design. Which have already shocked the other smartphone manufacturers.

LG V60 The Upcoming Dual Screen Android Smartphone

LG V60 The Upcoming Dual Screen Android Smartphone

Earlier this past February The LG V50 was officially announced at MWC. However it is for sure the weirdest addition in the V series ever. With slightly odd video blur effect and optional case that converts into a second screen. The V50 is a smartphone with 5g capabilities.

V60’s Dual Display

LG V60 The Upcoming Dual Screen Android Smartphone

Yet no one has seen a leaked picture or any hands on display of the V60, recently LG has given a teaser of this device with we can at least estimate what features to expect with the phone of this design. The most important thing which everyone will notice is the LG V60 dual display design which consist of two screens. The teaser image clearly shows us the two screen which are connected with each other by some sort of foldable hinges.

The Specs and Features

Regarding the LG V60, very little information is out that what kind of specs and features this smartphone will going to offer. Despite the fact that nobody can say anything specifically, one thing is certain that LG will launch V60 as a flagship device. That’s why it surely will have all the best specs to compete in this category with other brands. For example Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 as a processor with at least 6GB of RAM is likely to be expected.

Price Tag Will be High

LG V60 The Upcoming Dual Screen Android Smartphone

LG never introduced any cheap phone in its V series, because of that we cannot expect that this trend will change with V60 in the slightest way. The LG V50 coast roughly $1000 while the LG V40 which was launched back in October 2018 still worth $950. Which simply means that upcoming LG V60 Will easily going to cross that $1000 figure. That dual screen design will surely going to cost you a lot.

Has LG Announced the V50 Successor Early?

Relatively LG V50 is still a new phone because in last June of this year it has just made its way to Verizon. Which clearly shows that LG is pretty aggressive to announce another smartphone in its Flagship lot. Which is on other hand understandable, hence every smartphone brand wants to grow there market more than anything. It all depends on what new V60 will offer to the consumers apart from its dual display design.

If the LG’s upcoming V60 does have a well implemented dual screen design, then for sure it will going to interest and excite a lot of Android users. As a result it will give really tough time to other rival smartphone brands. But if it’s just as same as V50 with just a fancy new dual screen design then it will bring disappointment. As we have mentioned that before the launch of this smartphone we only can speculate according to our own opinions. Remember the fact that with V60 & V50, LG has entered in the league of brands who have introduced foldable phones in recent times.


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