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Nokia First Android Smartphones Will Get Security Updates in 2022 – 2020

2017 was the year when Nokia introduced first lot of its android smartphones at MWC. At that Time Company initially decided that there new and upcoming devices will get updates for two years. Now here we are after more than two years since those Nokia smartphones were introduce. It seems like Nokia still doesn’t want to lose hope on them. The smartphones which will continue to get major security updates from the developers for another year, into 2020 are Nokia 3, 5, 6 and 8.

Nokia First Android Smartphones Will Get Security Updates for Another Year

Nokia First Android Smartphones Will Get Security Updates for Another Year

But unfortunately not all of the Nokia phones were set to get update especially at the same time. So with this extension only bunch of Nokia phones will able to get quarterly updates.

Smartphones Which Will Get Updates

The list of those Nokia smartphones which initially will get updates is below. This list also includes slightly older devices as well.

Nokia 3 – Quarterly updates starting September 2019, ending September 2020.

Nokia 5 – Quarterly updates starting October 2019, ending October 2020.

Nokia 6 – Quarterly updates starting October 2019, ending October 2020.

Nokia 8 – Quarterly updates starting October 2019, ending October 2020.

Different Versions of the Smartphones

It’s a pity that not all versions of the Smartphones which are included above will see updates. The reason for that is, it all depends on different regions also. For example Amazon’s Nokia 6, US/Indian version will not receive any quarterly updates. Which simply means update for those smartphones will end in October of 2019. Company is explicit that Nokia 2 will stop getting any updates despite the fact that it was released a bit later then Nokia 3, 5, 6.

Nokia’s Commitment

When these phones were launched back in early 2017, Nokia really promised that this whole lineup will get updates for two years. And Nokia really kept the promise. Big reason for that is obviously Google does also requires Android one phones to receive at least two years of updates. That’s why from early last year all Nokia phones have been a part of this program. Which shows why Nokia have made this announcement.

Updates for Recent Smartphones

Only time will show that if Nokia will extend an extra year of quarterly updates for more recent phones, when they will be in there last phase. However it is really great to see a Company like Nokia cares about updates for their older smartphones. On the other hand it does also means that these smartphones will be usable only for just two to three years. After that time period they will not receive updates any more.

But on the contrary Nokia does have proved that it cares more for its users, who are using its older devices than any other Android smartphone Brand. We are living in a time where Smartphone Companies want users to purchase their latest devices every year. And to make it possible they sometimes use extremely cheap tactics. Like in the past some smartphone brands intentionally have make their older phones slow, so the users will have no choice but to purchase their new products. That’s why it’s a blessing that Nokia users are getting at least a year and three extra moths of quarterly updates.


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