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Nokia Android Feature Phone Spotted, Might Arrive Soon

Not a long ago, we hardly had the idea of a smartphone. That was the time of feature phones when people used to only call, text and play the snake game on their Nokia 3310 and that’s it. The feature phone was nothing more than a source of calling and texting but fortunately, we are living in the digital era where we have Android-powered smartphones and feature phones as well.

What? An android powered feature phone? Yep, you have that right. Nokia’s Android-powered feature phone is going to hit the market shelves soon and we are all excited. If you want to know what that phone looks like, scroll down.

Nokia’s Android-Powered Feature Phone – Everything You Need to Know!

Nokia Android Feature Phone Spotted, Might Arrive Soon

Nokia has been in the phone market for a long time now. Even before the Samsung and Apple, Nokia was the one that had its name in connecting people. Fortunately, nothing has changed much since then. Nokia is still selling its smartphones as well as the feature phones. However, what’s new about Nokia is that the company is going to introduce an Android tailored feature phone, in the markets soon.

This is not what we are saying but a reliable source has confirmed the news that an Android-powered Nokia feature phone is going to be introduced. In addition to that, the source also suggested what that phone could look like. Some pictures of the upcoming phone have also been leaked that confirmed that Nokia’s feature phone is now going to support Android apps.

The leaked images suggested that this phone is going to be remarkably resembling Nokia 220. Since it is going to be a cheaper alternative to all the smartphones, this feature phone is going to pack:

  1. A Four Directional Dial Pad
  2. A T9 Keyboard
  3. Call & Call End Buttons
  4. Two additional buttons above the call and call end buttons

In addition to that, the leaked picture of the phone also suggested the look and interface of the software. It was also seen in the pictures that the status bar features the indicators for the connection type, battery, time and signal strength.

The picture also indicated the phone would support the Google Assistant as well. Google’s microphone icon is located in the middle of the screen that could be used for standard voice searches. There is also a Change Speaking Language Indicator that might allow you to change the language of the Google Assistant.

Moreover, the bottom of the phone shows five icons, with an app drawer icon in the middle. These icons consist of:

  1. Camera
  2. YouTube
  3. Google Chrome

There’s also a green icon having opposite arrows that we assume is news icon. The software on the phone isn’t much familiar. A source has named the software as “Android Go”.

Since this news seems too good to be true, we could only hope that there is actually a feature phone powered by Android. If this news is actually real, we would hear about it soon. Till then, keep your fingers crossed and keep visiting us to know more about Nokia Android Feature Phone.


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