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Amazing Android Bracelet You Have Never Seen Before

A small tech enthusiastic team from Paris is trying hard to deliver this awesome Cicret Bracelet, which offers Android projection on your arm’s skin. This bracelet can also connect with your Android smartphone and create its virtual display on your arm, allowing you to remotely control your smartphone from the distance. You will feel as if you are using your real smartphone.

You can perform any function of your smartphone right from your hand even though your smartphone is a bit away from you, with the help of Cicret Bracelet.

Amazing Android Cicret Bracelet Video

Amazing Android Bracelet Video

The best thing about this Android Projection Bracelet is that its waterproof, you can use it even during the bath. The company had released its concept video in November 2014 and the response to that video remained super awesome, since it helped the company to attract 45000 Facebook fans, 10,000,000 YouTube video views and more than 6000 donors (increasing rapidly).

Amazing Android Cicret Bracelet Video

You can use this bracelet with the touch of your finger, the bracelet’s proximity sensors will track the movement of your finger on your arm and will send your touch gestures to the phone either via Bluetooth or WiFi. The bracelet also offers accelerator and proximity sensors to even play the games on your arm’s skin.

Cicret Android Bracelet will have its own dedicated components which include, Accelerometer, Memory Card + ROM, Processor, Vibrator, Micro USB Port, Proximity Sensor Long Range, PICO Projector, Bluetooth Low Energy, WiFi Component and LED.

cicret android wear components

You can pick up the calls by certain gestures and could put your android device on a loud speaker mode. Its design and aesthetics are completely amazing & awesome. The company is still looking forward to reach the milestone of 850,000 Euros to start working on the real prototype of this superb gadget.

Amazing Android Cicret Bracelet Video

Once the company got the enough donors for this project, the final product will be launched in the fourth quarter of 2015 which could be delayed up to 1st quarter of 2016. Circet Bracelet price will range from $199 to $399. If Cicret Bracelet has fascinated you, in that case you might donate the company to get started with this Amazing Android Bracelet. Please make sure to share this amazing tech gadget with your friends in your social circles and let me know how excited you are to see this android gadget in its final form factor?


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