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Success story of Android & Samsung continues, Android gained 75% of the smartphone’s market share

Success story of Android and Samsung smartphones continues with the statistical report released by Gartner (an analyst company) revealing the mobile phone sales in 1st quarter of 2013, in terms of their brands and operating systems. These statistics represent the strong position of Android & Samsung. Android is leading operating system of smartphones having 74.4% of the market share, whereas Samsung’s market share of Android smartphones is 30.8%. If we will try to compare the sales of Android with the sales of iOS devices, we can certainly say that iOS’ sales have declining trend. This current trend of Android’s lead hints that every 3rd smartphone out of 4th is having Google’s Android operating system.

The success ingredient for Samsung smartphones remained its Galaxy series, starting from the Samsung Galaxy S up to the latest flagship Samsung Galaxy S 4. Powered by Google’s Android operating system and offering the best specifications, design and the latest technologies being offered. Therefore Samsung’s Android smartphones are enjoying the market share of 30.8% and the current success trend of Samsung is raising with every passing day. Google is working very closely with Samsung to make this relationship even more stronger.
Source: Gartner


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