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Android Auto’s New Look And Dark Theme Now Rolling Out

Technology is growing. There was once a time when the Android system was only limited to your mobile phones but now with the emerging technology and the popularity of Android devices all across the globe, Android is everywhere. There is an Android TV, Android Wear and of course, Android Auto.

If you have been a cruising plus a tech freak, you would know what this Android Auto is. But if you are new to both the things, don’t fret we have you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about Android Auto and its new look with a dark theme and faster access.

Android Auto – An Introduction

Android Auto’s New Look And Dark Theme Now Rolling Out

Just like Apple Car Play, Android Auto was developed for the drivers so that they can drive safely by minimizing the distractions. The software allows you to take all the features you love about your smartphone to the car’s dashboard. It displays all the information with an easy to use interface on the screen so that the drivers can swipe out of the way, effortlessly and hassle-freely.

You are not alone if you think that this one is a little outdated. Thanks to the updates that come in frequently to provide the car drivers with every ease and feature they need, while driving and keeping pace with the technology.

The newest feature that has been introduced recently is its dark theme and faster access. The update has also revamped the interface of the software that promises further features that you will love. Here’s everything about the new update of the Android Auto.

Android Auto – The New Update

Over the past five years, Android Auto has been updated that has taken it to the form it is available in now. The updates have expanded to support more than 500 car models from 50 different brands. The new update that has been rolling out recently in the system will hit every system supporting now.

So what’s in the new update is that the company has focused mostly on making the drive easier and hassle-less. It also laid importance on providing faster access to the features that will allow the drivers to drive safely.

With that in mind, Google has introduced the navigation bar on the main interface of the screen, allowing you to let you know the directions, turn by turn and allow you to control your phone all from one place. The navigation bar also will allow the drivers to manipulate all the features of their phone with fewer taps.

In addition to that, the new notification center is also simplified, allowing the drivers to access text messages, phone calls, etc., in ways that are easier and safer than before. Finally, there is also a dark theme that is going to be introduced with this update. This feature is the most needed that will allow you to drive safely while in the night as well. With this feature, you can even alter the color accents to better fit with the interior of the car, lightings and detailing of the vehicle.

Android Auto
Android Auto
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

This update is rolling out and will hit your device later this summer, anytime soon.


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