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What’s coming next for Android Fans in near future (fall 2013)?

What’s on the Horizon for Android?

What's coming next for Android Fans in near future (fall 2013)?

Ever since T-Mobile launched the G1 all those years ago, Android has risen to become a platform that even the venerable Apple can’t hold back. Now the iPhone and Android are often used in the same sentences and it’s clear that Apple are worried. Traditionally, Android smartphones and tablets have progressed at a greater rate than its competitors, like Windows and the iPhone. While Android has stayed very much the same these past 12 – 18 months, the devices are still cutting-edge. Looking forward there are some great smartphones and tablets launching soon. It’s an exciting time to be an Android fan, let’s look at some of the reasons why.

The Moto X and “Android for Everyone”

Moto X - Android SmartphoneFor the longest time, the Moto X has been rumored as the Android smartphone to end all smartphones. Now, the Moto X is officially launching soon and launching everywhere. The Moto X is a revival for Motorola and an “iPhone moment” for Android in general. Launching on five carriers across the US and delivering incredible amounts of customization, the Moto X is the Android phone for everyone. You can choose from a dizzying array of colors and backplates and even customize the software before it’s shipped to you in four days or less.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note III

Samsung Galaxy Note IIIThe Galaxy Note line has gone from a laughing stock to a mainstream device and big money-spinner for Samsung. When the original Note launched with its 5.3-inch display, it was almost written off as too large a device. Now, Samsung can’t seem to meet demand and the Galaxy Note II shipped on all four major US carriers. This Fall, Samsung will be launching the third Galaxy Note smartphone and it’s surely going to be another big hit for Samsung. Fans of large smartphones that can only be had with Android will be happy to know that the Note III is set to launch across the US on multiple carriers. For those looking for a larger smartphone, this Fall is the time to wait. 

Key Lime Pie

Android - Key Lime Pie 5.0

Since Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, it looks like Google is taking things slowly now with Android. That might all change with Key Lime Pie, as Google are pegged to improve on everything in Android 4.2 and 4.3 as well as add new features. In the last year, we’ve seen Google bring everything together through Google Now and the Play Store. Now that Google has these issues ironed out, they’re free to work on new features. With Sundar Pichai now in charge of Android at Google we can expect much more integration with Chrome and Chrome OS. All of this has been writing on the wall for some time now so, we can expect Google to do something soon. Key Lime Pie might not be launching this Fall, as previous major updates have done but, Google I/O 2014 is going to be great! This one is going to be great for games, nowadays kids are using games on their phones in replace of playground equipment! But with phones and updates as great as this, how can we blame them?


Android - Smart Watch - Galaxy GearThis might seem like a strange addition to such a list but, smart watches are the next iPod. If there’s any system out there that can deliver the right experience, it’s Android. Samsung themselves are planning to launch a Smartwatch, called the Galaxy Gear, this Fall and so too, is LG. Other manufacturers are rumored to be producing their own smartwatches as well, and there’s even word of Google making their own, too. These small devices that function as a watch and a bridge between you and your smartphone are taking off in popularity. Being able to check the weather, or read a tweet from your wrist is something out of the future and thanks to Android, we might all be doing just that in 2014.
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