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Top 5 Best VPN Apps To Unblock Websites on Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei Phones

VPN Apps to open blocked websites on Android
Your online security and safety while surfing the internet is very important and should not be compromised. VPN based applications for Android devices help the users to surf the internet and access the blocked content remaining inside the virtual private tunnel, keeping your IP address / geographic location and other confidential information away from the prying eyes. It even helps to encrypt the data being sent over public WiFi hot-spots. There are scenarios when you need to keep yourself to be safe from such kind of privacy issues and could also Unblock Websites on Android Phones / Tablets which are blocked by your ISP or Government. We will discuss and share the popular VPN applications for your Android devices in this post.

Top VPN Access Apps for Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei Phones

1. HotSpot Shield VPN

Protect yourself in Wi-Fi hotspots (VPN encrypts all traffic); protect your identity and your IP address to stop unwanted tracking. Enables access to your favorite sites: Unblock any blocked content and services get Facebook, Skype, YouTube, Flickr and other sites wherever you are.

2. Hideman VPN
Hideman application creates VPN connection to one of our servers located in 16 countries around the world. We try to add new servers as fast as we can. VPN connection protects your privacy and increase security level. Earn premium hours for free to unlock additional countries ( like USA or UK )

3. VPN One Click
Vpn One Click protects your privacy online and unlocks all blocked services. Vpn One Click protects your privacy online, unlocks all blocked services like Twitter,Facebook,Skype,etc., by connecting to a Virtual Private Network Server. Your public ip address will be different from the real one and the connection will appear as coming from a different country to full protect your privacy. Furthermore, your internet connection will be fully encrypted.


4. TunnelBear VPN
VPN made simple with TunnelBear! Indigenous to the internet, TunnelBear VPN provides safe-passage and privacy for Android tablets and phones to experience the internet from other countries. A free TunnelBear gives you a hearty amount of free “tunneling” each and every month. Upgrade your bear to receive unlimited tunneling. TunnelBear is your Android’s digital companion on an increasingly fenced and monitored internet.


5. Tigervpns VPN
Tigervpns is the one-tap vpn solution, helping users unblock ISP regulations, bypass firewalls, and visit any website around the world anonymously. With this app, users are standing on the shoulders of a wide range of vpn servers running in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan, pptp and l2tp/ipsec are well supported. What’s more, users don’t need to configure anything by themselves, the app handles all vpn settings automatically.


6. AppCobber VPN Client
AppCobber – 1 tap vpn client for Android, helping users unblock ISP regulations, bypass firewalls, and visit any website around the world anonymously. using AppCobber, users don’t need to configure anything by themselves, the app handles all vpn client settings automatically.


In this post we have tried our best to cover top rated VPN applications for Android devices, if you think that we have missed some apps that should be the part of top VPN apps list, you can leave your feedback in the comments section and we will consider your opinion.


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  1. My favorite Hide My IP should be listed 🙁 I tried a couple of VPNs mentioned in this article, but they seem a bit more pricey deal. I switched to Hide My IP not only does it unblocks geo-restricted websites/channels, but also works with Netflix 😉

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