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Rocket VPN Android App – The Secure Way to Enjoy Internet Freedom

With most of the activities being carried out on internet, internet surveillance has been increased where all the online activities are being tracked by the different agencies, companies, governments and even by hackers. In this regard, the VPN applications and services comes in handy that help us to mask our activities that we are doing online and can help us protecting our online identity.

Best Android VPN App - Rocket VPN Review

Thus, in order to enjoy full internet freedom, a good VPN service is a must, that is sometimes difficult to find. Fortunately, among the tons of useless VPN apps on the Play Store, a simple yet effective app offering plethora of amazing features is available called Rocket VPN.

Some Key Features of Rocket VPN Android App

Just like number of amazing apps, Rocket VPN is also a masterpiece of Liquidum Limited, that contributed much in the field of technology. The app has been considered the simple solution for all their complex online security issues. It offers several decent features that include:

1: Simple yet Beautiful UI

With no exception for Rocket VPN, all the apps developed by Liquidum limited offers amazing user interface. The app looks straightforward for all the first time users with great color transitions and unique design. All the options for your settings are available in simple language in the app, where you can easily block or unblock virtual locations. There is also a monthly data usage option on the page along with your current location.

2: Access to Restricted Content

Like most VPN apps, Rocket VPN app also lets you to enjoy all the location based restricted content that has been blocked in your area. This content might include games, apps or websites. You can change your virtual location in the app and then access the services of the content you want to.

3: Security and Privacy at Hand

Rocket VPN offers the great level of security even while you are using a public network connection. The app protects you from the third party apps to secure your online data as well as secure your online identity. Furthermore, unlike other VPN apps (Hola), Rocket VPN doesn’t share your connection with other users thereby offering full security at hand.

4: Quick Launch App Feature

This app offers you a quick launch app feature from which you can select your favorite apps and add on your homepage that you want to run on the go. So, simply, you have to connect the VPN service and launch the app. Moreover, this app also allows you to select 10 virtual locations from where you can access all the contents available on the internet.

Pros & Cons of Rocket VPN Android App

  • Easy to use
  • Provides access to contents not available in your country.
  • Encrypts your data
  • Full-fledged security and privacy
  • Full Page Ads
  • Monthly Data usage
Setting Up Rocket VPN

Setting up this app is not that a difficult task. After downloading and installing this app, you only need to set up few things. The app would ask for permissions ad you need to select “Allow” to permit the app on your device. After that, you need to select the location from where you need to access the content, after that, tap “OK” to get started with your activated Rocket VPN.

Download Rocket VPN Android App for Smartphones & Tablets

Among all the VPN apps that I have tested, I found Rocket VPN to be the most decent and appropriate app which don’t need extra complex setting. If you are looking for the best, simple and secure VPN option, nothing is better than Rocket VPN. It is available free of cost on Play Store that you can get by visiting the following link:


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