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Top 5 Best Weather Apps & Widgets For Android – Download

Weather is undoubtedly nature’s best phenomenon and a great blessing for human’s life. However, weather could be devastating sometimes when you do not know in advance what is going to happen suddenly. For example, you have gone out for a picnic and suddenly clouds began thunder. All your plans and efforts for the day could be gone wasted. In such situations, it is very important to know about the weather in advance to plan for the other day accordingly.

Top 5 Best Weather Apps & HD Widgets For Android Smart Phones & Tablets Free APK Download

Thanks to the modern smartphones that helps a lot in this regard. There are a lot of apps for smartphones that can guide you about the weather for the coming day. Whichever to choose depends entirely on your taste. However, I am going to list the top 5 among best-selling weather apps for you.

5 Best Weather Apps & Widgets For Android Smartphones & Tablets
  1. Go Weather:

This app is a choice of over 50 million users and people love to use this app. The app is noticeable for its remarkably cool style and the accuracy of the weather details it provides. It gives you the weather alerts for the entire day. Its weather and clock widgets are stylishly designed and give your screen an enchanting look. It also gives you the sharing feature so that you can tell the world about the weather status of your area.


  1. Weather& Clock Widget:

This app is not only stylish and gives your screen a cool look but also it is a great weather detector app. Its rain radar and satellite maps are great as well. The app searches the area by city or country’s zip code to fetch weather details accurately. The app provides 10-day and hourly weather with precipitation. You can also set your preferred weather unit i.e. Celsius, kelvin or Fahrenheit.


  1. HD Widgets:

HD widgets have over 1 million users who love to use this app for the daily weather forecast. HD widgets is simple, easy and fun to use app. This app is a must buy to beautify your home screen. HD widgets is famously known for its customization. It also allows you to change the icons displayed on the widget the way you like it.


HD Widgets
HD Widgets
Price: $0.99

  1. Amber Weather HD:

The alternate name of this app is EZ weather HD. The app is quite easy and simple to use and provides cute themes for your android devices. It gives you with the ease of weather alerts through push notifications and provides epic themes. It informs you with the daily and hourly report and smart alerts. The app has great user rating and comments.


Amber Weather
Amber Weather
Price: Free+

  1. Aix Weather Widget:

This app provides just a quick graphical view to inform you about the weather details in your surroundings. This app is pretty straight forward and shows the temperature with maximum and minimum precipitation. Weather data is drawn from Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NOAA National Weather Service to provide you with accuracy.


Aix Weather Widget
Aix Weather Widget


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