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Everything You Need to Know About Android Q Software Update

Although it may seem like Pie was just released, Google is here with yet another mobile OS update which is known as Android Q. Nobody knows what it will end up being called Quiche, Queen of Puddings or Quesito, this release is highly anticipated.

The initial release of Android Q Beta 1 was launched on March 13, 2019. Android Q has launched its 4th release in June and you can download it right away to have a look at all the new features and functionality. This article will be a detailed content on all the new features of Android Q beta 4 version.

Features of Android Q Software Update for Android Smartphones in 2022

Although the Android q beta 4 version does not contain all the rumored features still it provides better support for foldable devices, privacy and security updates, a new dark mode, gesture navigation, faster startup and a lot more. Below are listed the detailed features of Android Q:

1. Dark Theme

After a lot of wait, Google finally launched a dark theme for Android which can be turned on or off any time using the Quick Settings toggle. The dark theme is not only soothing to watch at night but it will also be great to save energy on the OLED screens. The theme will be automatically on when you turn the power saving mode.

2. Gesture Navigation

Another fresh feature of Android Q will be the removal of buttons. There will be no back button in the new phone and it will be entirely gesture based. Gesture navigation first appeared in Android Pie but it was combined with buttons. You can now use the back option by swiping inwards from the edge of the screen. In applications where swiping already has a function, you may need to swipe twice.

3. Multitasking Bubbles

Much like the Facebook Messenger application, Google introduces bubbles to provide multitasking and reengaging with the applications. Bubbles will sit on your screen as a floating button so that you can reengage with the apps while doing another task.

4. Support for Foldable Devices

Google now offers different screen ratios, multiple screens and multiple windows that provide better support for foldable devices which was a dream previously. The app automatically performs transition when the user switches between folded and unfolded modes and provides app continuity. For the developers, Google has also introduced a foldable emulator which will make things easier for the app developers.

5. Location Permissions

Android Q will also have new location permissions while using applications. users will have three options when an app requests for location permissions. These are allowed when using the app, allow all the time, deny.

6. New Privacy Options

New privacy options are introduced in Android Q. additional protection is provided to the users while using WiFi networks by randomizing the MAC address of the devices. New security rules also limit the apps’ access to the serial number, IMEI and other identifying information.

7. New Sharing & Connectivity Options

Some new sharing options are introduced by Google in Android Q which allows users to jump between apps. Moreover, a new connectivity settings panel is also added in the third party option so that they can access the options like WiFi, Airplane Mode, etc. without leaving the app.


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