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How to Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 In Three Ways?

Undoubtedly the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the top Android devices available in the market. You can install and use numerous apps from play store, listen to music, and do a lot of things with your Galaxy Note 4. However, with rooting you can add a number of features to greatly enhance the working of your Galaxy Note 4. You can extend the capability of Note 4, overclock the processor to increase its speed, flash custom ROMs, install rooted apps and lots more.

Indeed, rooting has opened many doors of customization and performance can be considerably increased. However, there are certain risks involved in rooting also. By rooting, you can even void warranty of your Galaxy Note 4. So it is highly recommended to do the rooting on your own risk.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Easiest Steps & Tutorial Guide

Steps To Root Samsung Galaxy Note 4

I am going to explain the ChainFire Auto Root method below. The rooting process is valid for the following Galaxy Note 4 Models:

  • SM-N910P Sprint Galaxy Note 4
  • AT&T Galaxy Note 4
  • SM-N910T T-Mobile USA, Qualcomm Galaxy Note 4
  • Galaxy Note 4 [SM910x]

Rooting process involves a certain steps and sucks a lot of battery so take in account a number of factors before starting root.

  • Make sure battery of your Galaxy Note 4 is more than 70%.
  • USB debugging must be enabled.
  • Samsung USB drivers must be installed on your PC.
  • Take a backup of your data.
  • Check the model number of your device before getting started. You can do this by navigating to “Settings” then “About Phone”.

Let’s start the rooting process.

  1. Download the rooting file which suits your model number. I am going to mention just the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Click here to download it (SM-N910T).
  2. Download the ODIN file as well.
  3. Switch off your Galaxy Note 4 by pressing volume down key, home button and power button together for few seconds until you see a warning message on your screen.
  4. Press volume up button to give your consent.
  5. Now connect your Note 4 with PC via USB cable.
  6. Now unzip the ODIN file and run ODIN.exe file.
  7. You should see a highlighted blue box with a random COM number.
  8. Now choose the root file by clicking PDA and selecting “CF_Auto_Root_xxxx.tar.md5” file. The downloaded file should have this.
  9. After that, press “Start” to begin the rooting process.
  10. Once the rooting process is completed (usually within few seconds), you should see a “PASS!” message indicating that the root process has been completed. The Galaxy Note 4 will be rebooted instantly.

And that’s it. You are done with the rooting process and your Galaxy Note 4 has successfully completed rooting. You can install “SuperSU” file as a root management app that will provide you secure access to rooted apps as your device is more vulnerable to downloading threats. “SuperSU” allow you to accept or deny apps from running. After installing “SuperSU”, you should disable KNOX as it is a really annoying feature of Samsung and it keeps popping up while you are working.

Enjoy downloading custom themes, overclocking processor, intermingling with the speed and memory and have a great fun with your newly rooted Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Other two methods involve CWM method and TWRP method. You can have a complete step by step procedure through this link (CWM) and this link (TWRP) respectively.


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