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Iron Man 3 HD Game for Android Smartphones and Tablets is set to arrive at April 25th on Google Play Store

Gameloft develop excellent HD games for many mobile platforms. Iron Man 3 is one of their awesome HD game title that is going to arrive for Android and iOS all together at Play Store and App Store on April 25th. Iron man 3 is packed with high definition action with flying iron man and have to defend himself with stunning weapons and moving away from the obstacles. The game might arrive with freemium tag, free to play model, that means you can download and play the game for free, however in order to play with excellent weapons (armor), shields & Iron Man Suits, you will have to use in app purchases. 

In app purchases are not mandatory at all, if you can complete the levels of game, you’ll be able to unlock the game’s content. Certainly Marvel’s Iron Man 3 movie is also going to hit the cinemas along with the arrival of the game. Below you can have a look at the Iron Man 3 screenshots, trailer videos and hands on video on the iPad.


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  1. I like the all games of iron man…. Iron man is amazing from the starting my kid also like them.

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