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Samsung Galaxy S4 crossed record sales mark of 20 Million smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S4 sales has crossed 20 million figure

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Record Sales of 20 million
Samsung Galaxy S 4 (Image Courtesy: Telegraph)


For a little over two months, the flagship Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S 4 is on sale. A few weeks ago Samsung has proudly announced that it has sold about 10 million smartphones. Samsung had a goal to sell 10 million units of every month and to further improve it with the time. According to recent rumors running in the market Samsung has scaled back components and also has increased supplies of components, now market is full of rumors that Samsung will soon officially announce that it has now sold 20 million Samsung Galaxy S 4 in much short time tenure. Samsung is also enjoying strong ties with Google due to Android OS relationship, which we had covered in the Success Story of Samsung & Google.


Thus, the Samsung Galaxy S4 sold twice as fast as its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S 3 and still likely to be the most successful Smartphone of company in the market. Samsung also plans to sell 80 million units this year alone. In recent weeks, the smartphone has experienced extreme price decline, reason was probably very high production volume and availability of smartphones in the market. While the HTC one was relatively high in price because of production problems for many weeks, but Samsung as compared to HTC was available at every possible Smartphone outlet, certainly that has increased Galaxy S4 sales in the market.


Meanwhile, Samsung strategy of using same brand name “Galaxy S4”  for different models  has worked  a lot good and has produced results. Like waterproof Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, Samsung Galaxy S4 miniSamsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and even for new Snapdragon S4 LTE-A with 800 and LTE Advance in Europe. These results also predicts that Samsung is getting strong as far Market research is concerned, having competitive advantage in terms of Featured Products ,price and availability of products at every possible location.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 Record Sales of 20 million
Samsung Galaxy S 4 (Image Courtesy: Mashable)


In future Smart phone features, productivity, pricing and availability will matter a lot. So far Samsung has competitive advantage in all these terms, as far as consumer behavior is concerned they will go further. Samsung will soon announce that it has crossed 20 million figures in terms of units sold, but as summarized by latest research professionals Mobile Market behavior is unpredictable, and all.
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