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Hands-On Equations: Flawless Way of Learning Algebra

The Fun Way to Learn Algebra - Android App Review
Don’t blame a child’s IQ if he / she is not much happy about solving the algebra. You still can develop his / her interest with the help of the new “The Fun Way to Learn Algebra” android app. Must say it’s an amazing platform and truly impressive when it comes to helping a child learn the basic fundamentals of algebra, develop a strong grasp of the equation balance and solve complex equations.

How to Works? 

Well, you don’t do much. The app has been designed in a way so each and every step of an algebra becomes crystal clear when your child plays it. The app comes with some effective features that gives the best solution when every other teaching techniques fail. 

* First, children will see blue pawn on the screen which basically represents the X variable. There they will also find number cubes, which are the constants.
* Second, there are lessons in each and every level where children try to solve the X.
* Third, every lesson is accompanied by instructional videos, practice and helpful exercise. The exercise gets harder with each lesson. That’s basically effective because your child will get more involved to solve the problem. 
* Fourth, instructional video describes the lessons and simplifies the game for the children. 
* Fifth, there is a visual scale that is used to balance the both sides.
* Sixth, students usually move the game pieces to balance the both sides of the scale or solve the equation. 

1. The app has been developed with easy to follow instructions. An 8th standard child can easily play it on the iPad.
2. The instructions will guide them in each level and help them develop a clear understanding of the new mathematical concepts.
3. A free game that can be used to help your child learn algebra in a fun way.
4. The app will help a child remove the hesitation and develop a confidence. 
5. The beautiful visual image and touch features appeal to the children. 
The Fun Way to Learn Algebra app is very user friendly. The app has been kept simple by the developers so young kids don’t lose interest. When they use the app, they start to understand the mathematical concepts gradually, and then get back their interest in algebra effortlessly. You can use the app when you home school your child. The app basically helps a child understand the key concepts. Once they are confident, you know you’ve got a big problem solved. If you have used this app, please make sure to leave your feedback.


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