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Best ways to recover saved WiFi Password Key from any Android smartphone / tablet

At times we need to share our WiFi password key with our friends and family members but usually most of us forget the saved WiFi password keys on our Android smartphone or tablet. Or there’s a scenario when you are only given an official internet access on your smartphone, but you are not allowed to use the similar WiFi internet access on your PC, that moment you need to know saved WiFi password key within your Android smartphone or tablet.

In this post we will share some apps and a manual way that we had already tested on our Samsung Galaxy S 3, which will easily help you to recover saved WiFi password key. Please note that your Android device must be rooted, i.e, it must have SuperSU app installed by means of completing the suitable rooting process for your Android device. Without rooting its simply impossible to recover the saved WiFi password keys.

Recover saved WiFi Password Key from Android smartphones / tablets

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After completing the rooting process (it varies device to device), you can install any of the following 4 WiFi password recovery app from Google play store or follow the 5th manual way. On the first run each app will ask for granting super user permissions in order to access saved WiFi password keys. Once you have granted the permission, you’ll be able to successfully retrieve the whole list of saved WiFi password keys from your Android device.

1. WiFi Credentials Recovery

2. WiFi Key Recovery by Alexandros

3. WiFi Key Recovery by Vorsk

4. Wifi Password Recovery

5. Manual way to recover WiFi Password Keys from Android device

Recover saved WiFi Password Key from Android smartphones / tablets
Install ES File Explorer File Manager and grant it root permissions from its settings, afterwards simply open “WPA_SUPPLICANT.CONF” file with TEXT VIEWER from the following path data/misc/wifi/” and it will present you with the saved WiFi password keys (PSK) along with the saved WiFi network name (SSID) as shown in the above screenshot that we had taken from our Samsung Galaxy S 3.
Let us know which of the above 5 methods went smooth for recovering saved WiFi password key from your Android smartphone or tablet?

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  1. none of this works for galaxy note 3

    1. Perhaps your phone is not rooted. You must have root access in order to continue with these apps. As mentioned in the article.

  2. Mustafa Ahmed Sharief

    Salam Hassan Bhai..

    I tried a lot to root my Q mobile A30 with ES File Explorer File Manager, but did’nt found any option to root with this. Also in my data folder, its showing empty.
    Please help me with this.


    1. Wasalam

      Mustafa rooting will not take place with any file manager. Every phone has different method of rooting. Please Google on how to root your device by writing its exact model, after rooting you will be able to follow this guide successfully. 🙂 Hope you will come back again. Good luck!

  3. I tried all apps in my android 4.4.2 S5 but I get only some long passwords like bc5a2437f9308d6ed2aaeed2612865d7 which I suppose is some encoding of my original passwords which I know them…

    1. These above apps and methods have been tested until Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and worked fine on them. Thanks for letting me know about this issue in 4.4.2. I will try to find out the solution. Meanwhile you can also comment if you find the fix even quicker than me 😉

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